Comparison of single page application starters

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I decided to re-enter the world of app development after some time away from it. So I needed to decide which way to do that. Unfortunately there are lots of those and each one requires its own load of non-transferable learning investment. I always thought single-page apps were great and full page reloading was lame. So that narrowed things down. I watched a few AngularJS videos and decided it was as good a bet as any.

I didn’t want to do things like a beginner would. I wanted to do things like an expert would. I also wanted experts to do 90% of my work for me for free, because this is awesomely possible in software development. So I needed to pick a set of best practices for working with AngularJS. In app development, best practices take the shape of generators and examples. Unfortunately, there are lots of those too and I was faced with yet another decision. So I searched around and took structured notes and before long I had this giant comparison spreadsheet.


I’m sure I’m not the only one to confront this situation so if you are too, I hope it helps and saves you tons of time.  If you know any of these starters or in any way want to help improve the document, just let me know and I will add you as an editor. Enjoy, Dan


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