Angular vs Vue vs React

Developer Experience AngularJS 2.0 Vue ReactJS
Client-side routing X X
Client-side routing, State-based routing (?) X
Command line interface (CLI) X X
Concurrency (synchronization), immutable data (?) X
Data binding & change detection/tracking, no dirty checks (good), getters/setters (bad) (?) X
Languages, ES6 JavaScript X X
Languages, Typescript (?) X X
Lazy (on-demand) loading of client-side code (?) X
Modularized, route-specific CSS X X
Module marketplace (?) X
No build process is required X
Observables for databinding a.k.a. KVO (?) X
Orders module dependencies (?) X
Preloads client-side data (?) X
Reload app on file changes (?) X X
Single source of truth, central state management (?) X X
Someone is paid to develop and support it (?) X X
Templating, parsable HTML, no imperative code allowed X X
There is a book about it X X
Two-way data binding (?) X
Typed (?) X X
Virtual, shadow DOM (?) X X
You can still use the technology if you sue the vendor (?) X X
User Experience AngularJS 2.0 Vue ReactJS
Derived, computed properties X
Realtime data sync (?) X
Dependencies AngularJS 2.0 Vue ReactJS
Collaboration Platforms Gitter, Stackoverflow, freenode Stackoverflow Stackoverflow
Languages Typescript, JS ES6 (ES2015), JS ES5 Typescript, JS ES6 (ES2015), JS ES5 JS ES6 (ES2015), JS ES5, JSX
Misc RxJS
Routers Angular Component Router


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