How to move to Germany




I moved from the US to Germany in April, 2013 without much planning or research. The process turned out a little trickier than it could have been if all the rules and dependencies and links and resources and best practices had been nicely organized for me in one place in advance.

So I am sharing here everything I have learned during the process in the format and structure that I would have liked to have it presented to me when I started. There are no articles or essays on this site, as that presentation of information is handled well by other sites.

My goal is to collect and organize the absolute best links on the internet for getting German foreigner stuff done. As soon as I find a better link, the old one is gone. I keep this up to date by talking to people in the same situation and following online forums. Whenever I learn something that would benefit others (today, I read a post on which banks don’t charge ATM fees) I add it to the document. The process is ongoing, never-ending, and bit by bit. I think that’s a lot better than attending a law school for 3 years and then pretending to be more knowledgeable ten years later than a regular person who is personally going through the process right now.

My hope is to create something that provides an orderly and simple but comprehensive repository of many small contributions. So I warmly invite your improvements to the organization and information on this site. Every little bit helps.

Please write to me if you would like to become a contributor to this site. I would be happy to have your help.




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