Technology Questionnaires

Below are some questionnaires you can use to enter your knowledge of technologies.  This information is then  collected, compared to other submissions for the same technology and entered into the knowledge base. Once everything is known about everything with a high level of certainty, trade-off reports can be generated on the big spreadsheet, making it easy to find the best technologies for your purposes.

The spreadsheet assembles this information into matrices of trade-offs between the alternative technologies. There is one for application starters, one for frameworks, one for languages, and one for tools.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.42.50

To see a report of the trade-offs between two technologies, click the link in the cell located in the column of one technology and row of the other. That will give you something that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 17.02.38

There’s a report like this for every comparable pair of technologies!

Just imagine how many blog articles you’d have to read to know what the differences are between all these things.

This is a community effort and can’t be sustained without help from everyone. Feel free to complete as many questionnaires as you like about whichever technologies you know. Don’t worry about answering all of the questions. Whatever you can do will help.

Look here first: 

Here is a list of technologies in the knowledge base along with the number of unanswered questions about each one. Please have a look at it and choose a technology you know with the most unanswered questions. Feel free to complete questionnaires about unlisted technologies too.




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application starters

package managers

module loaders


task runners

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